Developing New Medical Practice 2.0 “People” Skills

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The Times are Changing in …. 2015 and Beyond

[By Render S. Davis MHA CHE]

[By Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA CMP™]

DEM white  shirtMedical practice today is vastly different from a generation ago, and physicians need new skills to be successful, and reduce liability risks while improving care delivery at lower costs.

In order to balance their obligations to both individual patients and to larger groups, physicians now must become more than competent clinicians.

Bedside Manner?

Traditionally, the physician was viewed as the “captain of the ship,” in charge of nearly all the medical decisions, but this changed with the dynamics of managed care and the health reform of the PP-ACA.

Today, the physician’s role may be more akin to the ship’s navigator, utilizing his or her clinical skills and knowledge of the health care environment to chart the patient’s course through a confusing morass of insurance requirements, care choices…

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