Baltimore Cops to Face Charges in Freddie Gray Case


Baltimore state’s attorney Marilyn J. Mosby announced Friday that the six officers who arrested Freddie Gray on the day he sustained a deadly spinal injury will face charges including second degree murder, manslaughter, and assault, and that his death has been determined a homicide.

Mosby called the officers who arrested Gray and left him handcuffed and unsecured in the back of a police wagon “grossly negligent” for refusing to put a seatbelt on Gray, despite having at least 5 opportunities to do so. Gray had asked for medical assistance on at least one occasion, she said, but “no medical assistance was rendered or secured for Mr. Gray from any officer.” By the time Gray was finally removed from the van, he was “in cardiac arrest and seriously injured,” Mosby noted, adding that multiple officers had “observed Mr. Gray unresponsive on the floor of the wagon.”

Mosby announced that her team…

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