Here’s the Secret to Getting Way More Done During the Day


Successful people don’t work harder; they work smarter. As your competitors encroach on your market share, it’s critical to approach your work in the most productive way possible.

Email, unexpected phone calls and impromptu meetings can quickly derail your day if you’re not mindful of time management. Use the tips below to improve your productivity and focus on what’s important.

If you apply these tactics, you’ll be more likely to accomplish the same amount of work in half the time.

Take advantage of early morning focus.

Everyone is tempted to roll over in bed, grab their phone from the nightstand and check their email. While it may feel productive, it’s the perfect example of putting the urgent ahead of the important.

You’re mind is most rested and refreshed in the morning. You’ll experience greater focus throughout the day if you tackle your toughest tasks first. If writing is a large…

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