That Time When Big Bird Actor Caroll Spinney Made a Dying Kid’s Day


Time to get your Kleenex ready: Puppeteer Caroll Spinney—who has played the yellow-feathered Big Bird for more than 45 years on Sesame Street—did a Reddit AMA Thursday to promote the documentary I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story. In it, he answered this question, among others: “What has been your most meaningful interaction with a child during filming? Or maybe from someone who grew up watching you and relayed a poignant story?”

It’s best to read his complete response with tissues in hand. Here’s what he sent:

Okay, here’s one.

This is a very sad story, but it’s real.

I got a letter from a fan who said his little boy, who was 5 years old, his name was Joey, he was dying of cancer.

And he was so ill, the little boy knew he was dying.

So the man, in his letter, asked if I would…

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