An Animated Guide to the Most Popular Slang Terms of 2015


Nothing will make you feel as old as when you’re around members of Generation Z (yes, we had to Google “word for for generation after Millennials” to figure out what they’re called.)  A main differentiator driving this group of social-media addicted teens is their ever-evolving lingo. New slang terms come up daily, and—with the sharing-obsessed Snapchat and Vine generation—get spread at lighting speed like a disease (literally viral!)

And with the Oxford Dictionary officially adding terms like “yolo,” “cray,” and “adorbs” to the official English language, there seems to be no end in sight for pop slang infiltrating our lexicon.

Today, we’re here to help define and break down the most used 2015 terms that you should know (or at least, pretend to know). One of our brilliant creators, artist John McLaughlin has designed a series of GIFs to entertain you along the way.  And if knowing the meanings behind these words still doesn’t help…

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