Prom Updos For Long Hair (That’ll Look Good Every Other Day, Too)

your shoulders


Got the length for an updo? If the idea of twisting, pinning, or braiding your hair into a style that leaves your shoulders bare intrigues you, there couldn’t be a better opportunity than prom to try one out. Updos require some prep (so that you’re not left with a messy ‘do that’s falling off your head mid-Macarena), but they’re a great option if you want Event Hair that’s different from anything you’d wear Monday through Friday. From twist and braid combos to simple buns, the prom updos for long hair we rounded up won’t disappoint.

Because they’ve all been seen on the runway, you won’t have to worry about your style downright screaming “prom,” even if that’s where you’re wearing it. No stray tendrils hanging by the side of your face, just updos you’ll want to wear, well, basically every day.

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