I & I Biography

Born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in the Parish of St. Catherine, Graduate of Kingston College, & St. Catherine High, However in later years that followed  I stubbed upon a Culturally Disoriented-Discontented Caribbean Region.  

Giving Birth to thoughts of a strengthened Regional consciousness. Aiming to altering the perceptions held by both those in & around the Region.

To igniting the thought of creating a forum for you the members of the Caribbean & those across the world to gain a better vision as what the Caribbean is, Specifically Caribbean Nation.

While looking at how migration situations are handled…?  


How interactions between countries are conducted…..?

Come be apart of an Open Community for Individuals who want to maximize His/ Her true Potential.

I am , Who I am…I’m a 

#Reader & #Writer “Official”,..


#Researcher “Official”…



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For More Information Contact; 

Email- Newandroiduser876@gmail.com

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