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The Face This Baby Makes While Eating Avocado for the First Time Is Incredible


We have two theories about why this baby girl has a hilarious, wide-eyed, horrified look on her face in this clip. Maybe she finds the taste and consistency of avocado repulsive after trying it for the first time, which is what the description of the video on YouTube says. Or maybe she is horrified that her parents would film her while her face is covered in food and then share it on the Internet where it will be online forever.

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Autism Reveals Problems in How We Measure Success


Eight-year-old Charlie has an infectious smile. He loves swimming, hiking, and skiing. And he’s smart, too. By the age of 2, he knew every letter, color, shape, and number. “He loved books and wanted us to read to him for hours,” his mom Tricia said.

A year later, Charlie was diagnosed with regressive autism. He struggled with motor skills and motor planning, and a school psychology test—a largely motor-based evaluation—labeled Charlie with an intellectual disability.

We have a bias in making collective assumptions about people. Whether it’s disability, age, or simply lack of experience, we rely on the tests and evaluations simply because that’s the process. We allow these tests to make decisions for us without considering the individual as a person. These decisions often affect how they do later in life. For example, from academic requirements to industry experience, companies put limits on people who could excel in jobs…

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Hillary Clinton Shows Her Support for Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill



Hillary Clinton just threw her support behind putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill.

Tubman recently won an online poll about which woman should replace former President Andrew Jackson on the bill, edging out Eleanor Roosevelt for the win.

A petition was delivered to the White House this week by the Women on 20s campaign to push President Barack Obama to support the movement, and a bill was also introduced in Congress recently to try to get a woman on the 20.

According to Clinton, Tubman’s face on the bill would be “awesome, well deserved — and about time.”

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Prom Updos For Long Hair (That’ll Look Good Every Other Day, Too)

your shoulders


Got the length for an updo? If the idea of twisting, pinning, or braiding your hair into a style that leaves your shoulders bare intrigues you, there couldn’t be a better opportunity than prom to try one out. Updos require some prep (so that you’re not left with a messy ‘do that’s falling off your head mid-Macarena), but they’re a great option if you want Event Hair that’s different from anything you’d wear Monday through Friday. From twist and braid combos to simple buns, the prom updos for long hair we rounded up won’t disappoint.

Because they’ve all been seen on the runway, you won’t have to worry about your style downright screaming “prom,” even if that’s where you’re wearing it. No stray tendrils hanging by the side of your face, just updos you’ll want to wear, well, basically every day.

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Watch Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro Bond in The Intern Trailer

they act


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Robert De Niro plays a “senior”—as in “seniors in life”—intern at Anne Hathaway’s company in the trailer for Nancy Meyers’ latest, The Intern. The two, of course, develop an age-defying friendship wherein they act as each other’s support system.

There is some light old man in a young man’s world humor here—De Niro believes in tucked in shirts and joins Facebook—but the trailer definitely isn’t making fun of De Niro’s character. “Look and learn, boys, because this is what cool is,” Hathaway says, referring to De Niro.

Meyers—the master of the aging gracefully genre, with titles under her belt like Something’s Gotta Give and It’s Complicated—told BuzzFeed upon the trailer’s debut: “It is an homage to men like my dad.”

Andrew Rannells, Adam DeVine, and Nat Wolff also star.

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Oh, Brother: Jeb Bush and the Problem With Siblings

It’s nasty


Welcome to the NFL, Jeb Bush. It’s nasty out there on the presidential campaign trail, isn’t it? You shake hands you really don’t want to shake, make speeches you really don’t want to make, and get asked all kinds of questions you really don’t want to answer. And if you’re feeling especially picked on, well, you’re right.

That, like it or not, is part of a contest you’ve been involved in a whole lot longer than you’ve been a sort-of, kind-of, not-quite-announced presidential candidate. It’s the siblings war, and as with any other person with a brother or sister who ever ratted you out to mom or clobbered you in the playroom, it’s a battle you’ve been fighting for as long as you can remember.

The problem you’re facing at the moment—as every news outlet in the country has delighted in reminding you—concerns the Iraq war, which started and unraveled…

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